Looking for an unforgettable, spiritual, and sensual experience with your partner?  This is a unique workshop you don't want to miss!!

Transcential Couple’s Workshop© combines fun cooperative stretching, balancing, massage, and breathing into an intimate experience. Whether you or your partner are “movers” or not, this workshop is for EVERYONE! We welcome all types of sexual expression, orientation or identification.

The aim of this workshop is to allow couple's to connect on a different level! Through touch, nonverbal communication and sensuality the participants get to connect with each other in a “Transcential” manner regardless of age, gender or any other social construct.

Our experience as loving kinesthetic beings, teachers, artists, philosophers and performers has lead us to develop this workshop. The exercises in the workshop are derived from the realms of yoga, theater, massage, martial arts, belly dance, and clowning.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes to move in and bring one Yoga mat per couple.

The class is limited for 25 couples only.

 For this event couples are asked to bring a vegetarian dish for the ensuing potluck.

Next scheduled class: SexPositive Portland  Friday, August 5th, 2017 Time: 6:30-9:00pm at Shout House 210 SE Madison, Suite 11, Portland, OR.  

Price: $45.00 per couple.

Pay through PayPal to contact@shakabliss.com or pay cash at the door.

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