~Every Child's Dream Class~

Available for after school programs, private parties, community centers, and holiday entertainment.

Available in Hebrew, Spanish and English

In this unique program we dive into the IMAGINATION WORLD! Children get to enhance their nonverbal communication skills in an artistic and fun manner while developing a healthy mind, body, and soul through movement. 

The program consists of interactive exercises for gross and fine motor skill development. Incorporating exercises from the realms of physical theater, kids yoga, live music, dance, circus skills, voice, props experimentation, story telling and creative visual arts techniques. In every class we explore different imaginative themes and kids get to wear creative costumes that we provide.

  The Program is taught by Shlomit Oren and Dave Ross

This program is suitable for boys and girls, ages 3-7. 


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NEW Program at Beit Rabban After School Program

**This program include live music by Dave Ross**

For ages 3-5

Sept. 12 - June 21st Thursdays 2:30-3:30pm

15 W 86th street Manhattan, NY


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